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The Adventure Of Sabie

When you think of adventure, what pictures come to mind?

What do you think of?

Well this is what I picture as adventure.

I went to Sabie on a weekend outreach and it was amazing to see how God worked in people’s lives, not only the people of Sabie, but our lives too. Yet this is not about the actual ministry work, I am going to tell you guys about the small little adventures that we went on in between.


We were able to see all the small waterfalls and even one big one.

But it was so much fun, a friend of mine and I even stood underneath one of the waterfalls, it was so amazing so refreshing, so enticing. It made me want to do something super crazy and adventurous.

While we were standing underneath the waterfall it almost felt as if it was alive, it would dance with the wind as it was performing on a stage. And we gave a standing ovation.

I even juggled underneath the waterfall, it was as if the water fall was a spot light, then when I stopped it slowly drifted away again. It felt as if the waterfall was trying to lead us to some hidden path way, because it would go then come back, then go and then come back, as if to encourage us to follow him.

It was amazing, that moment will forever be in the back of my mind. I felt like a child again, it was great just to have fun and get dirty, without a care in the world.

I think everyone should have a crazy adventure once in a while. It is worth the risk, just try it what could go wrong. 😉