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Live Like This

In this life we have many ups and downs

But all we seem to care about is who gets the crowns


We see ourselves as the most valuable

And forget about those who are admirable


When we live like this we will never be fulfilled
when we live like this we will be fooled


We should see others better than ourselves
Living to serve them ‘til we’re old


In a life as short as this we should learn from those who have come before us

And see that they tried the same thing and therefore we can trust


In a life as short as this

We should not live like this





My Fair Lady

I remember when we first got you

So small and cute

You were running around afraid that I would catch you

Looking here and there as if you were about to find a jumpsuit


I remember you all black and fluffy

On the ride home you were filled with curiosity

But as you got older you started going grey

Just like the clouds on this sad day


You would cry out for attention

Yet I would turn a blind I to the thought of affection


You had so much love for me
And all I had to do was just, simply be


I will miss you my fair Lady

I will never forget all the ways that you were so crazy.