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Life Lessons: Driving Test

Well I have to tell you something that will make me very vulnerable and I am okay with that because in doing so I am allowing you to learn from my mistakes so that you don’t have to make them too. Saves us time and pain.

So this lesson has to do with my driver’s licence test, and yes if you haven’t guessed it I failed on my first attempt. Now I know some of you are thinking how could you fail it is so easy (just like I would have thought in the past) and some of you are thinking don’t worry man I know how you feel.

And let me tell you what I have learnt, I have found that even if you practice, a lot stuff can happen, basically I was a bit arrogant and thought I never hit the curb so while I was doing my second parallel parking, I thought to myself (even though I realised that I already had made a small mistake) I never hit the curb so I will be fine, yet I hit the curb. Therefore I failed.

However I did learn something through all this, I learnt that when something goes wrong don’t expect it to just come right all by itself you have to make adjustments to correct it. Yet the first step is to admit that you have made a mistake and the second is to take responsibility for that mistake and make a change.

I also found a common thread within my failures in life and that was this, it was that during those first few moments after the disappointment you have a choice to make (and this choice has so much power and motivation behind it because you have just failed) either you can sulk and wallow in self-pity or you can choose to get back up and use that anger, frustration and energy to learn from your mistakes and correct them. Failure gives such great strength and motivation; it is something that I have never felt before.

I found that I was very restless and that I had to do something so I started juggling and I became quite good at it.

You see it is in these times that we find ourselves turning to comfort food, or something of the sort. Yet the great thing is That you can choose your comfort.  Or instead of comfort start practising a new skill.

I hope that after reading this you feel a bit more enlightened and realise that failure is not all that bad.

FYI: I passed on my second try 😉